• Essential Skills/Survival Skills :  Listening, Reading and Writing.
  • Life Skills :  Etiquette, Kindness, Moral Development, Effective Communication, Self Awareness, etc...
  • Seeing the Invisible 
  • Encouraging Environment 
  • Kindergarten/prep school : 

    • Early childhood education plays a vital role in the growth and development of a child. Human brain develops the vast majority of its neurons, and is at its most receptive stage and linking early intervention of both cognitive and socio-emotional gain has fueled the proliferation of early childhood. SO, we at GAPS, try to create an appropriate environment for the developmental needs levels at the preliminary stage.
    •  Kindergarten is the heart of the schooling era. Here at GAPS we nurture the buds where they blossom into beautiful flowers. At this tender age, we give importance intellectual development of the child but also on the all-round development. To make learning interactive, interesting, innovative and creative, an amalgamation is created by framing the curriculum in such a pattern that it becomes the most cherished experience for the little ones.
    •  The knowledge delivered through innovative learning, activities, play an integral role in the learning process. Cultivations of all the 3 dimension of mind, body & soul is the real education imparted here.

  • Imparting Education through E-Learning [ Smart Board ]
  • We believe that the knowledge imparted should be activity based.
  • The toddlers of Nursery gain knowledge in a play-way manner method.
  • The vibrant and colourful classes attract the eyes of the toddlers.
  • Monthly ventures & theme based activities add zest and thrill to their entire learning process.
  • In today's competetive way of life spoken skills are important to build the confidence of the child and our kindergarten takes special care of that.
  • We try to sow the seeds, nurture them with tender care so that the sown seeds bear fruits and in this process we make a child a confident learner.
Pre Primary Photo of Grin Apple Primary School
Pre Primary Photo of Grin Apple Primary School
Pre Primary Photo of Grin Apple Primary School